Conscious Leadership is a course on the art of achieving excellence and mastery in life and work through a systematic application of the discipline of leadership culled from the ancient wisdom-tradition of Karma Yoga. The workshop focuses on the some of the most potent practical applications of mystical or Yogic science to real life and work.
The Conscious Leadership course (spread over a series of workshops and retreats) is a novel and breakthrough attempt at synthesizing contemporary global leadership thinking and the wisdom-tradition of Karma Yoga. While most prevalent corporate models of leadership try to work on behavioral and personality changes, the Yogic model works directly on the very roots of behaviour and personality: the consciousness itself. 
This is the premise on which this workshop is based. The workshop is not academic but exploratory and experiential, and the stress is on practicing. If what is learnt cannot be lived or practiced, then the learning is of no real worth. The course, therefore, is quite intensive and demands keen interest and sustained involvement of the student in the subject matter.


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