Design, Installation & Operations

We advise  our Clients on design, installation and operations of technical equipment and infrastructure. We not only get hired for turnkey projects, but also recommend  our Clients to repair, upgrade or expand existing  technical security systems  to develop and suggest improvements in overall security environment. We specialise in technical surveillance for the property’s   Parameter Security, Intrusion Detection, Access Control & logging of entry/exits, Visitor Management,  Video Surveillance and its monitoring and storage, Lock & Key Controls etc.

Security Control Room Design & Operations Service  

Monitoring, co-ordinating  & controlling the security operations by the security Managers becomes  complex   and challenging if it is not focused and streamlined. At AuroQ, we are backed by years of experience in designing and operating the Security Control Rooms which ultimately becomes a hub in monitoring, co-ordinating and controlling the security operations 24x7. We design the systems and processes, security communication system and laydown SOPs to  empower the key security staff to enhance decision-making,   making it real time.  Reporting system in the security hierarchy is also designed by our team.

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