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Our Mission

Continuous learning and upskilling

Our Vision

"Ahead of the curve, beyond peace of mind, we will craft a safer, more resilient tomorrow."

We believe in working discreetly, merging in the facility’s hustle-bustle, without disrupting the routine activities and producing reports in complete confidentiality for the Management. Our approach is not to discredit the existing campus security apparatus, but add value by bringing vigilance and awareness in security and technical apparatus suggesting steps and measures in order to bridge the gaps and make systems proactive and fail proof. We appreciate if an NDA is signed duly between the parties.

What We Do

"AuroQed: Where Vision Meets Security and Wellness. We're on a mission to redefine protection, blending breakthrough technology with strategic foresight and bespoke training strategies to not only secure assets but to empower futures. Our commitment extends to fostering the emotional wellness of the workforce, ensuring a holistic approach to security. Ahead of the curve, beyond peace of mind, we will craft a safer, more resilient tomorrow."

Third Party Physical Security Audit

Physical security audit tailored to your needs.

Physical Security & Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment, Security SOP’s, Contingency Planning & Implementation

Video Surveillance & Remote Guarding Solutions.

Video Surveillance and Remote Guarding services

Emergency Response Preparedness & SOPs

AuroQed's Emergency Response Preparedness and SOP services.

Security Personnel Development Services

Get your physical security staff trained as per Government Regulations.

Facility Management Solutions.

Experience unparalleled Facility Management Solutions with AuroQed

In-Campus Traffic & Parking Solutions

Navigate complexity with AuroQed's Traffic & Parking Solutions

University Safe Campus Program

Ensuring safe university campus for Students, Faculty and Staff.

Security Control Room - Creation and Operations

Empower your security operations with a state-of-the-art control room

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