Self actualization is the process of discovering, realizing and living ones highest and deepest potential of being - the science and art of complete and integral self-becoming. 

Not to be confused with self-improvement, positive thinking or even developing extraordinary skills and techniques, self-actualization is an intensely personal process based on psycho-spiritual Yogic practices of realizing ones complete potential and learning to live and work from the peak of ones being. 


This term, derived from Yogic sources, was made popular by Abraham Maslow as the apex of the hierarchy of human needs. It is when our physical, social and professional needs are more or less fulfilled that we start feeling this highest need for self-actualization. 


The Retreat Format

A retreat is typically a period of consciously stepping back from ones ordinary routine of life and coming to self-exploration and self-discovery. This is an open-ended process, a psychological adventure, without any objective in view besides the joy of exploration and discovery alone. 


Unlike a conventional training program or a seminar, where one is engaged most of the time in listening and discussing, or in controlled learning activities, a retreat involves spending quiet quality time with oneself. The aim here is not to motivate, inspire, teach or instruct, but to create a space where one can find oneself: and discover within oneself ones own source of inspiration, strength, joy and peace. It is a space for self-discovery and, at least, the beginnings of self-actualization. 

The Training Process

The AuroQ training process is centered in the participants own consciousness and does not depend on external knowledge, theories, skills or techniques. It is a process of drawing out and not putting in. This is what we call a consciousness centered training. 


The central tenet of consciousness-centered training is not teaching or training at all, but drawing out from the inner consciousness what is already present, but not discovered or actualized. Consciousness-centered training enables the learner or participant to draw upon deeper capacities and reserves, go beyond the imposed limitations of the mind and begin to actualize the true human genius we are all gifted with but few ever get to use. 


Follow Up

AuroQ offers a detailed and personalized follow-up support structure to enable learners to effectively apply his or her learning to real life. For those interested, personal mentoring can be provided to ensure deeper and more sustained support as part of the retreat follow-up.


Recommended Course

3 night-4-day Initial Course:  An introduction to the basic concepts and practice of self-actualization. The aim of this course is to bring the participant to an initial understanding and practice of self actualization in daily life. 


4-day Advanced Retreat:  The initial course should ideally be followed up with a more intensive advanced course (4-day retreat) to complete the process. However, the advanced course works only after the initial practice has been established and validated in the participant. The advanced course, therefore, is only by selection or invitation. (It may, however, be noted that the initial workshop is complete by itself.)


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